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Case Study: Propeller Cafe at Indigo Yorkdale

How can our brand seamlessly integrate with Indigo while maintaining our unique identity?


Full café build within the Indigo space at Yorkdale including: demolition, design, graphics, production, sample approval, and installation. 


Mawg Design partnered with Propeller Coffee to realize their first full-service location within a shopping centre. Our team collaborated closely with Propeller’s designer to finalize finishes and build details, ensuring mixed materials and Propeller’s unique brand identity neatly integrated within the existing space.  

Realizing Propeller’s vision meant creating a space that met functional requirements, and reflected the essence of their brand; ensuring a seamless, cohesive, and aesthetically pleasing experience for guests in this bustling retail environment. 

Mawg Design led this project from concept to completion, alongside Oxford Properties, Indigo, and Propeller teams, managing all permitting and construction check points. We ensured compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitated a smooth construction process within the dynamic mall environment. 

This end-to-end approach guaranteed that every aspect of the project was meticulously handled by our team, streamlining the construction process for a successful outcome.

Images courtesy of Propeller

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