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Case Study: Momentum Worldwide for Cadillac

Can you build us two mobile showrooms in just eight weeks?


Fabrication of innovative mobile showrooms for Cadillac Lyric: 2 fully customized shipping containers, mechanically engineered with pneumatic lift systems allowing the units to be raised off the ground for touring transportation. Interior featured technology integration with a LED mapped ceiling to mimic the Northern Lights. Exterior also outfitted with programmable LEDs flashing brand colours.

About this Project:

Mawg Design, in collaboration with Momentum Worldwide, took on an ambitious project: launching Cadillac’s Lyric, their ground-breaking electric vehicle. Our team engineered and transformed two fully customized shipping containers to act as mobile showrooms for a 120-location tour spanning three months, across Canada. Mechanically engineered with pneumatic lift systems that raise the mobile units off the ground, these displays were visually striking, incorporating cutting-edge technology, creating a memorable, immersive experience for audiences. 

We developed the containers for ease of transport to Cadillac dealerships, providing a dynamic, interactive platform promoting the innovative and sustainable qualities of their first electric vehicle. 

Mawg Design fabricated these showrooms within an impressive eight-week build timeframe AND seamlessly managed logistics and installation at each venue, ensuring a smooth and coordinated execution of the traveling activation. 

Customized doors allow the Lyric to be driven into the mobile showrooms for transport.  

The interiors of our Cadillac “pods” integrate state-of-the-art technology, including an LED-mapped ceiling designed to mimic the mesmerizing Northern Lights. This immersive atmosphere showcases the vehicle in a stunning setting, captivating and engaging visitors, leaving a lasting impression. 

 The containers’ exteriors are outfitted with programmable LEDs which flash brand colours. This dynamic lighting feature adds a vibrant, captivating element, which ensures the Lyric EV leaves a lasting impression at each dealership location.  

 The Lyric EV Canada Tour traveling activation by Mawg exemplifies our commitment to pushing creative boundaries, blending technology with mechanical innovation, and delivering memorable experiences under intense time constraints. From concept to execution, our team successfully brought this vision to life, propelling the Lyric EV vehicle into the spotlight across Canada at key events nationwide. Following the successful Canada tour, these containers were reactivated for prominent events such as the National Bank Open in Toronto, Montreal, and the Vancouver International Film Festival. This strategic reactivation extended the reach and impact of the Lyric EV campaign, engaging diverse audiences across various settings.

Heading Green Bar