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Heading Green Bar

Case Study: Craft PR for Tim Hortons

Can you build us a boat-thru?

Tims Boat-Thru: Retrofitted boat, outfitted with plumbing, refrigeration, and power.

About this Project:
Craft PR entrusted us to fabricate a one-of-a-kind marketing activation for Tim Hortons launched for the long-weekend in August 2023. Mawg made it possible!  

The first-ever Tims Boat-Thru opened on Lake Scugog, Ontario, August 5th and 6th, serving their new Sparkling Quenchers drink offered to guests on motorized boats, canoes, kayaks, and even paddleboards. 

We brought this project to life by retrofitting a boat with a durable aluminum structure, outfitted with plumbing, refrigeration, and power. In consultation with a Naval Engineer on Safety and Compliance, Mawg realized this dream marketing initiative. We took care of production and logistics so that our client could focus on what they do best.  

Images courtesy of Tim Hortons

This project garnered press from myriad news sites, and is one of the most recognizable campaigns we’ve seen.  Mawg safely and securely stored this unique vessel for our client in preparation for its much anticipated seven location tour across Canada this summer 2024. 

Heading Green Bar